Winchester Family Photography

Mother's day 2014


What better way to celebrate Mothering Sunday in the UK than to feature this lovely family from last year!  I loved shooting three generations of this family.  The session was arranged specially for one of the sisters, and involved the two sisters, their mum, and their respective daughters.  Some had to travel from quite a way away into Winchester, and we were trying to catch the last of the golden sunlight before it set, but we still managed to pack in a fun and relaxed shoot.   You can feel and see how close this family are to each other.  It was an absolute pleasure to photograph them.   Happy Mother's day to everyone!

mother and daughter portrait

mother and daughter portrait

candid black and white photography

Lovely family portrait winchester Hampshire

family portraits in the golden hour Winchester family photographer

natural relaxed portrait of grandmother

mother and daughter photogpraher Winchester

fun portrait photographer

fun protrait photographer

grandmother and granddaughter portrait

black and white fun and relaxed family throwing leaves


If you'd like to book me for your Winchester Family Photography, then please get in touch here - Contact Me.

Want to see more from this family?  See their gallery here.

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  1. Sera Petras
    Mar 30 2014

    What a great post for mother’s day! Love all the generations!

  2. Amber Snow
    Mar 30 2014

    What great expressions you captured!

  3. jody savage
    Mar 31 2014

    such a lovely family and great photos for them to treasure forever!!!

  4. Kimberly Barnes
    Mar 31 2014

    I bet they love these images! How wonderful!

  5. Suzy
    Mar 31 2014

    Oh I just love the B&Ws of all of them! That last one is such a unique portrait, beautiful session!!

  6. Lindsay Madden
    Mar 31 2014

    This is such a wonderful session! They must have loved the images too!

  7. Trish Barker
    Mar 31 2014

    These are so fun! Great job!

  8. Meg Van Kampen
    Apr 02 2014

    This is so sweet! Love it!

  9. Anna Taylor
    Apr 02 2014

    So jealous – my mum, my sister and I all live in different countries!! But looking forward to seeing them all at Christmas. Gorgeous pics.

  10. Hannah
    Apr 02 2014

    Oh Jenny, these are so joyous. I particularly love the second to last one.

  11. Laura Davies
    Apr 02 2014

    The lighting on these is gorgeous Jen!

  12. Kelsea Holder
    Apr 02 2014

    What a gorgeous set of photos! Very fun & candid. :)

  13. Krystle Akin
    Apr 02 2014

    Love these! The last image is perfect!

  14. Paul Stott
    Apr 06 2014

    Excellent work! These images will be so precious to them x

Hampshire Family Photographer: A walk in the gardens

Film photography near Romsey


It's a pleasure to be able to show these family photographs of Carole from Indigo Star Photography.  I was very honoured, if a little nervous to be asked to take a fellow photographer's family photos but I think it all worked out in the end, and we were all quite relaxed and chilled on the walk around the beautiful Sir Harold Hillier Gardens near Romsey, Hampshire.  Carole is also a film enthusiast so she specifically asked me to shoot some film on their session and most of the ones below are film images.  I had already blogged some autumn colours on film in this post here, but could not show their portraits until after Christmas as some of them ended up in frames and became christmas present for other members of her family!

mum and daughter looking at tree

photo of plums on film

red haired girl looking away, portra 800

dad and son running along

red haired girl smiling up at camera

family portrait on film

Portrait of Indigo Star photographer

couple portrait on film by Jenny Owens Photography

brother and sister pretending to sleep

Hampshire family Photographer shooting on film

If you'd like to see more from their session, see here - Jenny Owens Client Proofing Site and contact Carole for the password.

Film developed and scanned by UK Film Lab.

Please take a look at my friend Cara's post here who is a photographer in Australia and follow the links around if you'd like to see more film photography from around the world.

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  1. Joyce Kang
    Mar 07 2014

    What a beautiful family! The colors are gorgeous :)

  2. Lindsay Madden
    Mar 07 2014

    What a sweet session. You can feel the warmth in these images. :)

  3. Kristin Sweeting
    Mar 07 2014

    What a sweet family! Love the orchard!

  4. Stefanie Kapra
    Mar 07 2014

    the portrait of mom is beautiful!

  5. jessican
    Mar 08 2014

    What a gorgeous family. I love the tones and colors. :)

  6. Jodi
    Mar 08 2014

    Nice relaxed session

  7. Cara
    Mar 08 2014

    These are lovely Jenny!

  8. Kimberly Barnes
    Mar 08 2014

    What a beautiful family! These are so pretty!

Winchester Family Photography : a party in the woods

Hampshire Film Photographer


Well it's cold, very wet and quite miserable here in the UK, but back in December, we were very lucky to have gorgeous bright sunny days.  I was lucky to shoot this laser-tag party for 9 and 10 year old boys with beautiful warm light filtering through the trees.   The boys had lots of fun running around the area, hiding behind natural covers as well as towers, trucks and crates!  The party was hosted by Woodlands Laser-Tag in Winchester, and took place at the Marwell Activity Centre.  All shot on canon eos 3, with portra 160 film.  Film scanned and developed by UK Film Lab. laser-quest party outdoors

film photo of laserquest party Marwell

berries in bush shot on film

view of laserquest marwell site

boys birthday party under tree

hut outdoors

child running outdoors

film photos of children's outdoor quest party

children's laserquest party in woods

boxes to hide behind, lasequet party

This post is part of my Film Friday Blog circle so if you fancy seeing more film photography from around the world, please take a look at Karyn Johnson's post here and go around our circle until you get back to me!    Winchester Family Photography

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  1. JessicaN
    Feb 01 2014

    Wow that looks like a super fun day! I love the tones of this film – it makes the grass seem so gorgeous and green.

  2. Joyce Kang
    Feb 01 2014

    Oh how fun!!! This must be a blast for the kids. I think my kids may be a little jealous :D

  3. Cara
    Feb 02 2014

    Beautiful Jenny. I love the warmth, textures in these and the dimension that film brings to them.

  4. karyn
    Feb 02 2014

    oh my! my boys would have loved this!!…well, they may still love this, lol! beautifully captured jenny!

  5. Lindsay Madden
    Feb 03 2014

    What a fun day!!! I’m sure they had a blast. Great job capturing it all!

  6. Jen Lynne
    Feb 03 2014

    Fun!! I love this post, the colors and tones in the film are beautiful!

  7. wendy laurel
    Feb 03 2014

    love this! my oldest was a paint ball fanatic for some years (before it changed to skateboard fantatic) and this is the perfect party!

  8. Kristin Sweeting
    Feb 03 2014

    These are hilarious and awesome! Love it!

  9. Trish Barker
    Feb 03 2014

    What fun! Such sweet shots!

  10. Blenda Montoro Miller
    Feb 03 2014

    So fun!!!! love all the green there, and those blue berries look so yummy!!!

  11. alpana
    Feb 03 2014

    what a fun party! something my ten year old would have loved too!

  12. Krystle Akin
    Feb 04 2014

    Such a cute idea! That setup is GREAT too!

  13. Mirelle Carmichael
    Feb 04 2014

    Now these are BEAUTIFUL film shots!!!

  14. LightSplash Photography
    Feb 04 2014

    I LOVE this! Great action shots and that first shot is my fav. :)

  15. Kina
    Feb 05 2014

    Jenny, this reminds me of my former life as a tomboy… brought back some great memories. Great photography!

  16. suzyb
    Feb 09 2014

    what a sweet little photo story! Cannot believe these were taken in December.. such fun photos!

Film photography with the New Forest Ponies

New Forest Film photographer


It's time for my first film blog circle of 2014 and what better way to start than to post some New Forest film photography! The New Forest is a very special area in the south coast of England, between Southampton and Bournemouth.  Previously a royal hunting ground, today it is enjoyed by many as a natural park, a particular feature of which are the "wild" ponies (and cattle and pigs) that roam wild and free!  The ponies are owned by New Forest Commoners who are generally people who live in a small holding within the forest and whose holding has been granted the rights of common pasture.  So although the ponies are technically not free, they do roam around the forest most of the time, only being rounded up once in the autumn for health checks, branding (which comes in the form of tail clipping), and to check stocks for breeding.  The ponies are very inquisitive, specially if they think you might have food for them!  Be advised that feeding the ponies is against the law for their own safety and safety of the public.  I didn't have food on my when I took these photos, but my goodness, I nearly got mobbed when I opened my camera bag to change lenses!

film photogrpahy in Hampshire

portrait of a new forest pony in the sun

new forest pony in winter by jenny owens

Jenny Owens film photography in the New Forest

black pony backlit shot on portra 160

    backlit beech leaves shot on kodak portra 160

friendly new forest ponies

stormy skies in winter in the New Forest

Camera used is canon eos3, film is kodak portra 160, lab is UK Film Lab.

I love this part of the world.  The New Forest is a beautiful place to have a photosession so do get in contact if you'd like to schedule one! And although it is called the New Forest, the area also has a lot of scrubland, some of which is covered in heather (see my wedding blog here for a film shoot in the New Forest heather).  If you'd like to see more film photography, then do visit Jen Golay's blog here and then work your way around our very small blog circle for this month.

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  1. Kelsy McCartney
    Jan 16 2014

    Oh my!! These images are stunning! Especially that second & third images… just beautiful :)

  2. Jen
    Jan 16 2014

    Oh my word! This place and these images are absolutely gorgeous. Oh, how I want to come visit! :)

  3. Michelle Cross
    Jan 16 2014

    Love these photos!! Your film work is beautiful!!

  4. Lindsay Madden
    Jan 16 2014

    I love horses! This post is great!

  5. Ashley Kelemen
    Jan 16 2014

    SO jealous you got to shoot with these gorgeous horses! Love this!

  6. wendy laurel
    Jan 16 2014

    ponies never get old! great shots of them.. looks so new englandy to me. beautiful work.

  7. victoria oleary
    Jan 16 2014

    SO magical! Beautiful light!!

  8. Krystle Akin
    Jan 16 2014

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these images! Oh my word! I would totally frame so many of these! Gorgeous!

  9. Carmen Pampeyan
    Jan 16 2014

    Stunning Jenny!

  10. Trish Barker
    Jan 16 2014

    oh my. those horse photos… that light. Those are beyond beautiful! Really gorgeous.

  11. Mirelle Carmichael
    Jan 16 2014

    WOW WOW WOW! Gorgeous! What a beautiful location :)

  12. Emily
    Jan 16 2014

    This is stunning! I have always been (mildly) obsessed with horses and ponies and you did a beautiful job capturing their beauty as well as their serene home. LOVE this! (Booking my flight now. lol)

  13. Kati Decker
    Jan 16 2014

    I love how fuzzy these guys are! So adorable. And that light! OMG, great work.

  14. Rachel May
    Jan 16 2014


  15. melanie
    Jan 16 2014

    ponies!!!! LOVE these! so gorgeous!!

  16. Kel Ward
    Jan 17 2014

    So, you know how little girls always want a pony for Christmas? That wasn’t me. Until now. These are great and I want a darn pony!

  17. Lauren Guilford
    Jan 17 2014

    oh my goodness, these are dreamy!! So lovely!

  18. Chris Welsh
    Jan 18 2014

    Another excellent set of images, I do really love your work and I have said it before… Portra is a beautiful film.

  19. Kim
    Jan 22 2014

    Jenny, these are exquisite. Love the colors and the warmth. What gorgeous animals.

Newborn and Family photography in Hampshire

relaxed natural portraits at home


Hello everyone!  I realise now that I've been neglecting to post my any client photos on this blog, and since this November seems to be shaping up to be my newborn and family photography month, I though I better get on with my backlog!

During the summer, I had the pleasure of photographing this little girl via the local nursery she goes to.  I photograph children at nurseries a handful of times during the year, and this one was during the summer where we managed to get the photos done outdoors!

Hampshire photographer for relaxed nursery photos

Relaxed and natural nursery photo

Her Mum made an order but then called me to clarify a few things.  Well, it turns out that she had just had their second baby and would like some newborn photos done so off I went to photograph them all at home.  Here they all are.  Aren't they lovely?

newborn and family photographer Winchester

Eastleigh natural family and newborn photography

sweet baby smiling Newborn photography Southampton

Hampshire baby and newborn photographer

Southampton natural newborn photography

Hamsphire Easlteigh newborn photographer

Natural family protraits dad and newborn

I love to take photos of the natural interaction between family members.  If you'd like to book a session or would like to buy a gift certificate for someone for Christmas, do take a look at my pricing page and my specials page!

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