Underwater film photos with a disposable camera

fun children and family photography


Here's a short personal post from me from our last mini holiday where I thought it would be fun to buy a disposable film camera and take photos at the pool!  So this particular pool had an indoor and outdoor section and the poolside hut sold these disposable film cameras.  I had no idea how it would turn out. There is no focusing mechanism, the iso was set at 800 and I could barely see underwater! Here are some of the results - there's even one of me in it!

Underwater Film Photos

girl with pink goggles underwater

girl in rainbow swimsuit practicing floating

Mum and duaghter in the pool holiday pics

girl in pool with pink goggles shot on film

playing sharks in the pool

underwtaer film photography

Please take a look at Gretchen Willis' blog post here if you'd like to see more film shots from a disposable camera!

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  1. gretchen willis
    Jul 28 2014

    Those images are so great!!! I want to try an underwater film camera now!!

  2. Emily Rainsford
    Jul 28 2014

    I love these! Underwater photos are so fun!! I will definitely be giving an underwater disposable a go in the summer!

Commercial photography Hampshire for The PomPom Shack

Film Friday Blog Post


Did you know I also do commercial photography in Hampshire for local business?  I had a great time running around after this lively little girl in our local woods and playground, beautifully decorated by The Pom Pom Shack which is a new business selling these soft and beautifully handmade tulle pompoms.  You can have them in 3 sizes to decorate a party venue, the woods or your own garden, or they are very effective in shop display windows too!  Cherie also makes pompom wands and cake toppers.  Seriously, these are so cute and soft, and they last far longer and keep their shape than paper pompoms so they can be used over and over again.

Please enjoy these images from the commercial photography Hampshire shoot for The Pom Pom Shack.

happy girl amongst the tulle pompoms

elegand ivory and silver pompoms in the woods

Pom Pom shack cake toppers in the woods

Pom Pom Shack cake topper

child having fun in the woods

relaxed outdoor child photography with The Pom Pom Shack decorations

Pom Pom Shack wands

bright and cheerful tulle pom pom wands


All images are shot on film.  Developed and scanned by The UK Film Lab.

This post is also part of my film friday blog circle where a small group of film photographers from around the world post simultaneously on the last Friday of each month.  Please take a look at Jessica Nelson of The Gaggle Photography for her contribution to our circle.



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  1. wendy laurel
    Jul 25 2014

    seriously? a shop for pom poms? how super fun is that?? love this and amazing colors and shots.

  2. Jaine Kershner
    Jul 26 2014

    she’s such a sweetie pie. so cute!!

  3. […] Please follow the link to check out more film from the very talented Jenny Owens. […]

  4. Cara
    Jul 26 2014

    Beautiful shots Jenny. Particularly live the cake topper shots.

  5. Lindsay Madden
    Jul 27 2014

    This is so cute! What beautiful work!

  6. Kelsy McCartney
    Jul 28 2014

    LOVE these images!! The pom pons bring so much fun texture and color!

  7. Kel Ward
    Jul 28 2014

    Well, those poms are adorable! Love your grainy-filmy-goodness!

  8. JessicaN
    Jul 31 2014

    Gosh these are so adorable. I love the tones and the colors on this film. Great work.

  9. karyn
    Sep 03 2014


Children and Family Photography in the Bluebell Woods

on location family photography


I realise that I've been behind with blogging photos of my lovely clients recently so here's a two for one blog post of children and family photography in the bluebell woods!  I photographed these two families on separate days (you can tell one that on one day the sun showed itself more than the other!) but in the same bluebell woods.  We had to keep both a secret as one family was having their portraits taken  for their Dad's birthday, and the other family thought of giving a set of images to their Dad as a father's day present!  As those two occasions have now passed, and both Dads are reported to be very pleased with their presents, I am happy to be able to share a selection of their photos here with you.

Family one:

These two kids are very sweet and patient and put up with my dreadful jokes.

boy in the bluebell woods

girl backlit in bluebell woods

brother and sister protrait in bluebell woods

siblings sat down in bluebell woods

luaghing children in bluebell woods

siblings in the bluebell woods

Family two:

Their beloved family pet came along too and was rather a natural in front of the camera!

pet and family photography on location

children and pet portrait in the woods

girl with bluebells

family dog shaking wet fur

cheeky siblings

girl looking up in the bluebell woods


I really enjoyed these two sessions and the bluebells made such a lovely backdrop.  If you would like your family portraits taken out and about in the local countryside, then do give me a call or contact me via my Contact page.  I also visited a lavender farm recently which reminded me of these sessions, so if anyone would like their portraits taken in a lavender field, or a wild flower meadow, get in touch as soon as possible as I may be able to arrange something before the flowers are harvested!

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  1. Laura Babb
    Jul 21 2014

    Ahhh so cute and lovely. Beautiful light, too.

  2. Kathryn
    Jul 21 2014

    Ah, both are stunning! What a lovely setting. Great shots. x

For the love of film : My surroundings

Fuji velvia


Hi everyone! It's that time of the month for this lovely film circle of photographers from around the world to explore our shared passion for film photography.  This month's theme is "in my backyard" or "my surroundings".  I've chosen to show these slide film photos of this path for my surroundings.  It leads down to the river and a garden centre close to me.  It's very close to my house, just 2 streets down and it makes a pleasant walk on a sunday afternoon, or in this case, a cold misty morning in spring!  Shot on my rolleiflex tlr with fuji velvia slide film.

My surroundings

gravel path on a misty morning

msity moring walk shot on fuji velvia

wild teasels in the mist shot on slide film

fuji velvia slide film photography

line of trees on a misty morning

nature trail picture shot on fuji velvia

river on a misty morning shot on film

Please hop on over to the talented Jen Golay of My Daily Life Photography to see her contribution to this month's circle.

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  1. Heather
    Jul 16 2014

    Love these! So soft and beautiful with the fog. It’s gorgeous where you are!

  2. Michael Foster
    Jul 16 2014

    Ugh! This may be my favorite post of your yet!! These are all so dreamy. Love them. Really.

  3. Amy
    Jul 16 2014

    These are so wonderful, Jenny! They really make me wish for a foggy day! I love the subtle, soft tones. Gorgeous!

  4. Jen Golay
    Jul 16 2014

    Oh, Jenny! These take my breath away! How ethereal and very English (or at least what I imagine that to be)! I want to be your neighbor! :)

  5. Joyce Lang
    Jul 17 2014

    These are absolutely breath taking, Jenny! The foggy images are so dreamy and surreal.

  6. Sarah Lang
    Jul 18 2014

    I love how moody & foggy these are! They’re beautiful, they make me really want to take out our film cameras more often.

  7. Kathryn
    Jul 18 2014

    These are beautiful Jenny. Really atmospheric.

  8. Kelsea Holder
    Jul 20 2014

    Wow… dreamy images. I’m in love!

Black and White Beach Film Photos

For the Love of Film


Hey guys!  So last week I wrote about the inspirational film workshop called FIND (Film is not Dead) see here.  I said I'd post images taken during our personal shooting time  on there, but the blog post went on a bit and I didn't realise I actually did not show you most of what I shot when we had our personal shooting time!  So here they are, lots of stormy black and white beach film photos mostly shot on kodak trix 400 pushed to get that more contrasty look.  I've also included some taken a few weeks later when I was again by the shore, watching some surfers take turns on the water at Hayling Island, Hampshire.  Turns out I really quite like being by the beach even in the winter time!

Brighton Beach Feb 2014

waves crashing on the beach at Brighton

sotrmy waves at Brignton beach

black and whtie film photo of Brighton pier

black and whtie film photo of wall decoration

by the promenade at Brighton beach

dog on the beach at Brighton

Brighton beach on kodak tri x 400

Hayling Island Surfers

kodak trix 400 black and whtie surfer photo

waiting his turn, Hayling Island surfer

Stormy skies black and white photo

Hayling Island surfer waiting his turn shot on kodak trix400

traidional black and white photography

Stormy skies at hayling Island

Contraty balck and whtie photo from Hayling island

real black and white film photography


Want to see more film photography?  Take a look at Jen Golay's blog post here.  In contrast to my watery post, I'm pretty sure she's showing images from a desert shoot!  Follow the links around to see more film photography from photographers around the world.

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  1. Amy
    Jun 18 2014

    What an awesome mood these capture, particularly those looming clouds! I feel like I can hear and feel the wind. I definitely prefer to *be* at the beach during summer to winter, but these are lovely.

  2. Joyce Kang
    Jun 18 2014

    Beautiful images! Personal work day was so much fun. I love the grains in these…were these shot on Ilford 3200?

  3. Michael Foster
    Jun 18 2014

    Between you and Joyce, I now have the urge to go to the beach. :)

  4. Erica
    Jun 19 2014

    That second shot of the waves… just wow. It’s like you captured the mood of the ocean. <3

  5. admin
    Jun 19 2014

    Joyce, these were all trix 400, I think the surfer ones I pushed by either 1 or 2 stops. I can’t quite remember now!

  6. Jen Golay
    Jul 02 2014

    Beautiful! I love that you chose black and white film for these. It makes them so timeless and I love the light and texture of the sea!

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