It’s someone’s birthday soon.  She’s growing up fast.  Shot on Rolleiflex tlr and pan f 50.

It’s also my monthly film blog circle so do take a look At Jen Golay’s post here for her instalment!

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    Beautiful portrait of your girlie! She is beautiful. Can we stop the time?? They are growing way too fast :(ReplyCancel

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I’ve recently realised that I post an awful lot of personal posts on my children and family blog, of little projects. film experiments, holidays, that kind of thing, but hardly any here on my wedding photography blog.  So here’s a personal post but it is also sort of wedding related as this beautiful National Trust property of Mottisfont Abbey also hosts weddings!

So a little about me, you know if you follow regularly that I love film photography.  Did you also know that I adore roses?  Specially the old fashioned scented roses that go crazy in the summer (much to my husband’s annoyance as he gets “attacked” by the thorns in our garden when he has to do a bit of clearing up!) But roses, with their assorted colours, amazing scent, blousey, cheerful blooms make me smile and lift my spirits.  So one day in July, I took my Mum for a day out to visit the famous rose gardens of Mottisfont Abbey.   Of course, I only took a film camera and 1 lens and snapped away at these beauties, not just the roses, but the rest of the gardens too.


Rose gardens of Mottisfont Abbey

Here is the Abbey itself seen from the side and the front of the house.

Oh how I would love to photograph a wedding here, so if you are planning on holding your wedding at Mottisfont Abbey, take a look at the rest of my portfolio and give me a ring!

This post is also part of my international film blog circle so if you’d like to see more film photography, please take a look at my friend Jen Golay’s blog post here.  I think she’s posting about fishing!  Photos taken on a canon eos 3, lens sigma 35mm, film processed and developed at Ag Photo lab.

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    How absolutely lovely! I don’t think there is anything prettier than an English garden! I hope you do photograph a wedding here. It would be glorious!ReplyCancel

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    These are so pretty, Jenny! The colors are just stunning. I feel like I can smell those roses all the way over here!ReplyCancel

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    OMG, what a stunning garden! I love flowers so much so this post made me smile. Absolutely gorgeous!ReplyCancel

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    Oh what a lovely garden! I’d love to take an afternoon stroll through it! You did a fantastic job capturing it’s charm!ReplyCancel

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Here’s a short personal post from me from our last mini holiday where I thought it would be fun to buy a disposable film camera and take photos at the pool!  So this particular pool had an indoor and outdoor section and the poolside hut sold these disposable film cameras.  I had no idea how it would turn out. There is no focusing mechanism, the iso was set at 800 and I could barely see underwater! Here are some of the results – there’s even one of me in it!

Underwater Film Photos

Please take a look at Gretchen Willis’ blog post here if you’d like to see more film shots from a disposable camera!

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Did you know I also do commercial photography in Hampshire for local business?  I had a great time running around after this lively little girl in our local woods and playground, beautifully decorated by The Pom Pom Shack which is a new business selling these soft and beautifully handmade tulle pompoms.  You can have them in 3 sizes to decorate a party venue, the woods or your own garden, or they are very effective in shop display windows too!  Cherie also makes pompom wands and cake toppers.  Seriously, these are so cute and soft, and they last far longer and keep their shape than paper pompoms so they can be used over and over again.

Please enjoy these images from the commercial photography Hampshire shoot for The Pom Pom Shack.


All images are shot on film.  Developed and scanned by The UK Film Lab.

This post is also part of my film friday blog circle where a small group of film photographers from around the world post simultaneously on the last Friday of each month.  Please take a look at Jessica Nelson of The Gaggle Photography for her contribution to our circle.



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    seriously? a shop for pom poms? how super fun is that?? love this and amazing colors and shots.ReplyCancel

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What could be more glorious on a warm summer’s day than to have a picnic in the woods, with the scent of lavender wafting your way?  I was honoured to be asked to photograph a styled shoot for Wedding and occasions children’s dress supplier Eliza Mabel, along with the amazing Queen Bees, Quaint and Quirky Event Hire, Handmade by Kelly and Hayling florist Deborah Nash at the Tournerbury Woods Estate in Hayling Island.  This purple or lavender wedding inspiration shoot at the Tournerbury Woods Estate in Hayling Island was ideally located.   They let us have the run of their beautiful grounds which has it’s own private beach, woods, and a large marquee on site.   The girls had a lovely time eating the delights made by Queen Bees Treats, running through the ribbon curtain provided by Quaint and Quirky Event hire, cuddling with their teddies on a picnic and lounging in the cozy chair.   The marque was beautifully set by Queen Bees, Kelly and Deborah’s wares.  Here are just a handful of images from that glorious warm sunny day.

Most of the Images I have chosen are film images (developed and scanned by AG photolab and UK Film lab).  Do visit Eliza Mabel’s blog here, Queen bee’s blog here, and Quaint and quirky event hire here to see which images they have chosen to share.

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